Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The kids are back!

My children have been out of town for two weeks and I FINALLY got to pick them up (along with my husband, who had flown down to retrieve them) from the airport yesterday!

I have been enjoying all the updates from their grandparents and auntie and family members who have been able to spend time with them. A couple of highlights:

My two boys received real and actual bear hats from Russia that my Grandpa brought back from his travels many years ago. My parents have little use for them in sunny California, but up here in Alaska, they will fit right in. They are most excellently rugged.

Four of the five monkeys
My five year old daughter got a manicure and pedicure. You cannot talk the nine year old daughter into something like this for anything, but my five year old was convinced that her big sister really would love it due to the candy involved.

My husband and kids got to attend the Divine Liturgy at our home parish with Fr. Alexei :-)

When the kids got in the car, my daughter said, "I'm so glad Mr. Ed won't sit on me for awhile!" Mr. Ed is the big giant dog at my in-laws’ house. The kids used to sleep on top of HIM. Apparently, he has flipped that around now and uses THEM for his pillow. Plus, he ate a whole giant bag of chips when they were there and they found that very funny.

The kids played in the waves of the Pacific Ocean for hours; they all have dark tans and I'm thrilled they were able to get comfortable jumping over the breaking waves and getting chased by them. I still pinch myself that I get to live in Alaska, because my husband grew up surfing and has always loved it, and he hasn’t done it at all since moving north. My mother-in-law said that he was in the water the longest of anyone.

When my 11 year old son got home, he triumphantly showed me a package. "Look! You will NEVER guess what this is!" My mother-in-law is a Realtor and receives a great many client giveaways, and so she had given him a special coffee mug from Chicago Title. The coffee mug has a small saucer that can serve as either a plate or a lid, and the handle has two holes, into which fit a small spoon. As he unwrapped it, he admired the many layers of packaging, lovingly proffered by my father-in-law. "I'm glad he used the comic section from the newspaper!" Then, he was able to show me the cup. "Guess what, Mom. I drank a cup of decaf coffee every day!"

So sweet, so excited by something small. I delighted in his joy.

There was, unfortunately, a small tragedy this week. I accidentally killed the hamster. I had to treat the carpet with Nature's Miracle in the room over a somewhat large area, and I didn't think to ventilate the room afterward. When I went in yesterday, the chemical smell in the room nearly knocked me out, and the poor little hamster was dead.

We have had two hamsters thus far; the first was Wedgie Matilda, who lived to a ripe old age of two and was a very sweet male. The second, dearly departed, was Matilda Wedgie, who only lasted about 4 or 5 months before I caused her demise. When I told the children, they were briefly sad, but my daughter perked up and determined to obtain another hamster, this time, a male, who will be named...wait for it...Wedgie Matilda II.

Blogger Leticia Adams commiserated with me over the hamster. 

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Love how each child's personality shines in that photo!